Flick Launcher Translation

Do you want to help in translation?

Just click on the button below and download string file, than complete your translation and send an email to Flick Launcher with the language you translated in and your name, the file will be reviewed and added to project, along with your name of course!
How to?

First time translating apps? Don't worry, here is the right way to do this!

Strings are formatted as follow: <string="name_of_string"> String to translate <string>

DO: <string="name_of_string"> My language translation <string>

DON'T: <string="my_personal_translation"> My language translation <string>

DON'T: replace special characters like %s, %d or %1$s or other special characters or set of characters that doesn't make any sense
How to manage update?

See update in this dedicated page Translation Update